From the recording Good Enough

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Whiskey and Chocolate For Dinner

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Featuring Corrie Bennett Varga on violin


It’s 2AM and I’m wide awake
My stomach rumbles just like an earthquake
My legs land on shore over my ship’s side
My bare feet tense up on the cold floor
Heartache and hunger push me through the door
Towards the fridge, I dream of what’s inside

You left a note behind
Left me alone with no appetite

I had Whiskey and chocolate for dinner
Since you left our humble home
I can’t stand to sit at this table alone
So I had whiskey and chocolate for dinner tonight

A dark room, my shin and a coffee table
the story you told was quite a fable
The thoughts knocking in my head are oh so loud
At dinner time my stomach was in knots
You met someone, is the gist of the plot
I pull the fridge handle and think of what we vowed

You packed your bags and left
I stayed here and became a mess


You said you were bored with us
I know I deserve so much better
For you there’s nothing to discuss
I’ll throw away this love letter
and make this sandwich double decker

I’m pining for pizza like it’s a lover’s ballad
But there’s only healthy fixin’s for a salad
Tonight I’ll cry but maybe this is for the best
You might be gone for good or just clearing your head
Should I stretch out and take your side of the bed?
At 3AM I go back and sail the seas of rest

I’ll sleep it off for now
tomorrow I’ll try again to chow