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Give this City the Middle Finger

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I bundle up and brave the June winter
Summer is a mirage in the distance
There’s a beach but you won’t want to linger
Glimpses of skin are non-existent

I’ll take the touchdown of a twister
and downpours with claps of thunder 
You can keep your earthquakes, mister
Does our survival kit have enough liquor

I could box up my precious things
And trade in my responsibilities
For the freedom of a bare key ring
I’ll give this city the middle finger

I’m searching for different backdrop
Book a vacation to comparison shop
I’ll give this city the middle finger

Apartments and menus get pricier
My glass and dreams both need a refill
Our street had more charm when it was dicier
Staying here feels like standing still


There are no hot summer nights
But still I have a real good life
Better weather may be an excuse
to reinvent and become someone new
Life always feels like a cinch
When you’re seeing it as a tourist
I’ll give this city the middle finger