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Young Tender and Blue

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For Christian who I met in 1990 but 1989 made a better rhyme


Back in 1989
We had all of the best times
and always best soundtrack
just kids, we didn’t know jack

Fugazi, Pixies and VU
happy hours with free food
Stickin’ it to the man
Had no future and no plan

And now I wish
I could run downstairs
like I used to
just to see what you’re up to

We were young, tender and blue
everything so fresh and new
just trying to make our way through
Years later we’re still true blue
There’s nothing for you I wouldn't do
Back then, we were young, tender and blue

Nights spent knocking back a few
days a crappy job or two
Dinners at the laundromat
mac and cheese spin cycle chat


Now we’re two time zones away
and we’re all grown up
Boy and girlfriends come and gone
We didn’t need them anyway
I used to be a different gender
we both were more slender
I’m not made out of glue
But I’m sticking with you