New song from the upcoming new album! Dystopian, pandemic times wrapped up in a love song.


Stuck inside with dog and boo
cabin fever nothing much to do
eating snacks and drinking wine
like all is fine

The air is deadly and temps are high
Gloves and mask to step outside
Crowds are gone and streets are silent
nothing’s fine

Fake it and say I’ll be alright
Ask me tomorrow
I’ll feed you that same lie

I can love this modern world
we might be screwed
but I’m not blue
We’ll survive this modern world
the earth’s a mess
we’ve got our nest
We’ll survive (x3)
This modern world

Time seems short for the human race
Lending panic, rage and haste
Take it slow appreciating
all that’s fine

Days blur and dreams pass I feel lost and scared
Look into your eyes and love is there

Feel grief, lost the lives we used to lead and
breathe deep, keep on living with me

Close your eyes and dream of days
where friends embrace
Close your eyes and dream of nights
and city lights
Making plans for brighter days
and get-a-ways
we can keep on living in
this modern world