Coffee and Feelings: I woke up this way #3

When it comes to songwriting I like to start with the lyric and hash out the story and words on a computer.  I have a lot of bits and pieces in my notes app.  Some make it and some don’t.  Some pieces get squished together.  Others get forgotten and left behind.  There is one recurring theme that haunts the salvage yard of unfinished songs, my family, specifically my parents and the trans trauma I experienced growing up with the wounds I feel today as they continue to deny my experience.  By deny my experience I mean that they recognize me as trans and use the right pronouns, etc. but they are Trumpers and don’t really recognize how bad they were when I was growing up and how their political choices heap more hurt and pain onto those old wounds.  Here’s the latest rough draft of another abandoned song about them. Sorry about the double spacing below, grandpa Ed can't figure out the formatting;-)






You never believed 

You didn’t want to see 

You told me I didn’t know what was inside of me 

You called it a phase 

I’d outgrow it someday 

Those bully’s would stop if I tried to be pretty 


You said I’ll never be real 

you tossed words that steal 

All of my dreams and my inner reality 

You shook your head 

with sorrow and dread 

Wishing for me to be normal instead 


You wave flags for your cause 

Your leaders pass their laws 

Make me illegal and it gives you no pause 

You think I overreact 

It can’t be like that 

You cling to your fears and push away facts

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