Content with Content #1: Happy Birthday Kolmel

One of my ride or die besties, Kolmel Love, had a birthday a few weeks ago.  They identify as ATAB, Assigned Taurus At Birth.  We met in 2005 when we were working for Outfest.  For 6 months we spent 8 hours a day or more separated by no more than 2 feet of space.  After that job ended I actually built them a room in my house (well, I was a property manager and I had the maintenance crew do it, a blatant abuse of my job privileges.)  I love Kolmel dearly. I woke up on Sunday, May 1, thinking that the date was April 30th (their birthday) and said, I'm going to write Kolmel a quick song for their birthday.  Then I realized I was a day late.  Oops.  C'mon Ed, pull it together!  Anyway, I'm releasing a video for Shirtless next week.  In the meantime here's a video of a sweet and fun song expressing my love for Kolmel.  

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